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AppTrans Pro Free Download: Got a new phone and want to transfer over all your apps with data at one go Wish to move WhatsApp chats from your old Android phone to new iPhone, or the other way around Hope to restore WhatsApp data from a Google Drive backup to iPhone, or from an iTunes backup without erasing existing data Need to back up your WhatsApp or other apps and app data Changed your phone number and want to merge conversations from your old WhatsApp account into the new one Easy peasy! Youre now just one click away, with AppTrans. You may also like FoneLab HyperTrans Crack.

Apps are an integral part of our smartphones. Over time, they generate valuable data like chats, your game progress, etc. When we switch to a new phone, the usual backups may not include all data. It especially stands true for WhatsApp. This is where AppTrans comes in as a savior.

Unlike other transfer softwares, it even surpasses the limitations set by the operating system and lets you transfer data between different iPhone models and even the iPhone 3G or previous iPhone models (3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C). To sum it up, transferring data with AppTrans is the only sure-shot solution. You can also carry out data and settings transfer, apps installation, and much more. It even detects any corrupt or damaged apps to give you a detailed report of what actually failed.

Its a one stop iOS and Android data and settings transfer tool that makes it really easy to relocate data between iOS and Android devices. Read my detailed AppTrans Pro review below. In this regard, you can also download WhatsApp backup from the link below: AppTrans Pro Registration Key

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Back Up WhatsApp Messages on Android
You are using WhatsApp, but you’ve just deleted your chat history.
In that situation, you will lose the WhatsApp chat history, which contains a lot of important information and might be indispensable for you.
Want to save WhatsApp chat history on your Android phone? AppTrans is the best tool for you.

Some users might also be curious as to why do we need to have an AppTrans Pro. After all, almost all of the backup and restore solutions out there are simple and straightforward. The reason is simple, said Frank Kong, CEO of iMobie, new phones are sold all the time with a backup as a standard. So basically, if youve ever had that phone, Im sure youre using that backup. As a result, you might be hesitant to move your apps and its data to new phone because youre afraid youll lose the data youre so used to.

That is where AppTrans comes in. Users dont have to worry about losing the data they can rely on AppTrans to move their data and apps to a new phone in one single go. And since AppTrans has been designed with users in mind, you can customize its features and settings to meet your specific needs.

At last, to conclude, AppTrans has its own customer feedback system that lets users get in touch with us if they have any feedback or suggestions. We will be happy to work with you every step of the way to make sure you get the best possible experience with AppTrans.

You can uninstall the older versions of an app or just the parts of it you don’t need.The program also offers a full uninstaller, so you can just uninstall the app without deleting the files. Once you have it installed, AppTrans will easily be able to find the installer for all of the apps that have been transferred. You can turn off Google Now on your new smartphone by accessing your previous data and choosing how you want Google Now to handle search requests.

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AppTrans Pro Review

AppTrans Pro Review

AppTrans Pro is compatible with some top-selling mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung, LG, Nokia and Huawei. Therefore, it will definitely simplify users’ life and offer them enormous convenience to complete the data transfer tasks smoothly. Besides, AppTrans Pro program is the World’s FILLEST App User Friendly and 1-click data transfer software, which uses direct APIs to transfer apps and app data between two mobile phones without human intervention, and it is the world’s fastest and most reliable transfer. With this latest upgrade, AppTrans Pro not only provides users with the convenience of transferring Apps and App Data, it also supports transferring WhatsApp conversations efficiently and safely. It even offers users a convenient device data backup and recovery service. Users can choose to move data to the new device with AppTrans Pro like moving apps, themes, contacts, and calender of iPhones to a new iPhone. After AppTrans Pro, you will have no difficulty of transferring WhatsApp messages or conversations between two iPhones.

AppTrans Pro can download WhatsApp messages/conversations in the format of iMessages (iOS/APPLE ONLY), and export the exported backup file to the computer or other mobile phone or tablet directly. Besides, AppTrans Pro can move WhatsApp conversations and app data of mobile phones from iOS to Android or from Android to iOS, and make it easy to backup and restore WhatsApp messages and conversations to the destination phone.

AppTrans Pro provides the function of moving WhatsApp conversations or saving WhatsApp conversations/iMessages between two mobile phones. It supports to import WhatsApp conversations or save WhatsApp conversations or iMessages directly to computer or other mobile phones. Moreover, AppTrans Pro can export WhatsApp conversations or iMessages to computer or other mobile phones.

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AppTrans Pro Features

  • Transfers full data items from one mobile phone to another – regardless of whether it is a iphone, Android or iPad.
  • Folders up to 9 GB can be transferred
  • A few touch buttons are set to make the entire process even easier
  • It facilitates users to transfer settings, messages, contacts or all of your data in one go
  • You can even convert your SIM card and choose its name after the process is over
  • The transfer is carried out in a few minutes
  • You can use other USB devices to transfer data and convert a SIM card

What’s new in AppTrans Pro

What's new in AppTrans Pro

  • Lightning fast export from iPhone / Android
  • Support for Android 4.x
  • Easily import.mobileprovision file from your computer
  • Import from APK and IPA files
  • Support for XAPK files from Android
  • Memory leak bug fixes

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