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Lane’s PRO100 pipe is an integral design for lateral piping applications. While this pipe is manufactured for all tubing applications, with specific tubing sizes, it is designed for use with 8- to 25-inch nominal fittings. It is not intended for sewer pipe, nor does it require a bell or a spigot.

Designed with a full-height hole, the PRO100 pipe meets Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) specifications as an “L” or a “P” connection, depending on the application. A 64-inch nominal length (based on the pipe diameter) can be used with standard wall hole patterns.

Because this is a designed to last for years, the PRO100 product line also offers an increased selection of wall thicknesses. This product line also offers custom solutions for any curved drain or sewer applications. The PRO100 pipe is manufactured for both local and national distribution.

Intuitive and practical, the PRO100 has all the fittings and accessories you need to get your projects underway. Give your PRO100 a new look with a variety of finishes.

Drain fitting systems are provided with slide to join “P” and “L” couplings. Pictured above is a standard side to side PRO100. The slide to join feature works with “P” (Male) and “L” (Female) types.

A wide range of sizes and flow rates are available in both the Pro100 and Pro270 units. The Pro100 comes standard with an inlet diameter of 120 mm and can be connected to an adapter ring that can accommodate up to a 3.5 inch main adsorption column. The Pro270 is available with a custom inlet diameter of up to 180 mm and can be connected to an adapter ring that has a larger inlet diameter of 2.25 inch or three 1.5 inch columns. The Pro300 is the largest (12.7 inch inlet diameter) available. In all cases, the Pro family offers fiberglass fittings that are compatible with industry standard high-pressure columns. Also, the Pro300 and Pro300S come with a refrigerant gate valve (RGV) that enables the column to be connected directly to a building chiller.

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Some digital screens are manufactured to accept certain 4-7/8 x 7-1/16″ filters. If you have a digital screen that does not accept all of these sizes, you may need to purchase a length of 8-1/16″ Pro100 Series Camera Filter Holder to make up the difference. As with all pre-threaded lengths of Pro100 Pipe, the Camera Filter Holder can be used for DIY projects.

Today, lanePro100 is proud to introduce the Pro100 6.41 camera filter holder. Pro100 6.41 is a smaller-diameter, shorter-length version of Pro100, and if you have recently been using Pro100 for custom filter swapping, you will want to update. The new Pro100 6.41 comes with the same 4-thread filter-attachment screw as the standard Pro100, but has space to accommodate a narrower range of filters than the standard Pro100 (from 3.9mm to 5.2mm, vs. 3.9mm to 7.0mm).

Filters that are wider than 5.2mm (3/4″) are not easily accommodated within the 4-thread design of Pro100. Lanes Pro100 6.41 has room for a standard, 5.2mm wide filter, with a maximum vertical depth of 0.45mm, and approximately 3.25 times as much vertical volume as a 5.2mm filter.

What’s new in Pro100 6.41?
New to Pro100 6.41 is a shorter length (about 40mm, compared to the standard 60mm). That’s shorter length as in, while the standard Pro100 has a longer length than the larger-diameter Pro100, and the shorter-length Pro100 has a longer length than that.

At a roast weight of 100 grams, the Pro100 produces the same rise rate and temperature as the Pro8, Pro20 and Pro50 models. The Pro100 can roast between 325 and 845 degrees Celsius, depending on settings you select in the software.

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Who Uses Pro100 6.41 and Why Is It Important?

Who Uses Pro100 6.41 and Why Is It Important?

The Max II PRO100 has a programming feature that lets you use multiple computer programs that are compatible with the COULD signal and Pro100. When youre done working, the machine automatically transitions to a cleaning mode before the next user can fire the gun.

To cool the tip, the Max II Lifetime Pro100 Version is equipped with a cooling fan. When youre finished with the tip, the cooling fan automatically reverses and allows the tip to heat up to its operating temperature. When youre done working, the gun automatically transitions to a cleaning mode before the next user can fire the gun.

The Max II PRO100 includes a pressure controller and pneumatic motor to deliver consistent pressure to the tip. To control the pressure applied to the nozzle, you use the trigger and air poppet valve. Depending on the materials youre using, you can dispense from a fine mist to a mist or even a no-mist setting. When youre done working, the pressure controller automatically transitions to a cleaning mode before the next user can fire the gun.

The Max II PRO100 includes a programmable, digital signal controller that automatically adapts its output for the different materials youre using. When youre done working, the air poppet valve closes, the trigger is released, and the signal controller transitions to a cleaning mode before the next user can fire the gun.

The PRO100 has an air tank with an adjustable air-leak prevention valve that controls the amount of air in the gun. Depending on the amount of pressure you want to apply to the nozzle, you can dispense from a fine mist to a mist or even a no-mist setting.

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Pro100 6.41 Features

  • Total of four screws (two fixed, two adjustable) to attach filters
  • Two paired plastic filter slots
  • Filter slots come in sets of two, which are designed to match filter mounts of 4×6 and 4×4 camera mounts
  • Optical grade optical glass filter uses high quality Tritan plastic material
  • Lightweight design
  • Made in Taiwan

Pro100 6.41 System Requirements

Pro100 6.41 System Requirements

  • Windows 7 Professional SP1 or higher
  • 2.1 GHz Core i5 processor or equivalent
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 25 GB available storage space

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