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PowerDVD 17 includes TV Mode, the feature that made the previous version so handy. Using the latest CyberLink DVR software, PowerDVD 17 can stream through DLNA protocols. Another important improvement has been with the video quality engine. The last version offered movie playback in 720p but VGA mode isn’t ideal for HDTVs and while PowerDVD 17 is able to upscale Blu-ray media to HDTV resolution, images on other content are still pretty poor.

If you are one of the few power users who still have a 4K TV, the Ultra edition of PowerDVD will show you just how high it can take your media.
But it also comes with other high-end features, such as multi-channel audio, Dolby TrueHD, and improved streaming quality. CyberLink DVR makes it easy to play from DLNA servers, like UPnP, and can pass along your playback settings to other compatible devices, like the Apple TV, or Roku boxes. Right now, you can get it as part of a CyberLink bundle, but it also works with Windows 10 devices and older versions of Windows, so you may want to wait to see if your desktop will get Windows 10. If you are just looking for a lighter player, CyberLink Media Suite 3 is also worth trying out.

For a lot of people, the idea of streaming premium audio over the Internet may seem a little frivolous, but it’s something that’s not available with most other streamers. That said, the Ultra version of PowerDVD 17 brings a raft of improvements to video display, Audio Quality, and Remote. While this version of the software still isn’t without its flaws, it’s looking very nice indeed. And though it will set you back more than some of the alternatives, you’ll be looking at hard drive space, internet speed, and a lot of time doing all the necessary setups. Let the pretenders to the Dreambox throne take note: This is what a streaming media server looks like.

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The output interface is fairly simple, but gives you all the options you might need. An un-obtrusive interface means a less arduous set-up than you’d expect. Patch For CyberLink PowerDVD 21 allows you to output to a variety of formats including 4K Ultra HD, 1080p Full HD, HD 720p and SD 480p or even SD VGA. It’ll play all media files with the included codecs and can be set to play Blu-ray discs as well as any DVDs you throw at it. Of course, the downside to this is that you’ll have to install the disc drive software for older hardware, although the choice is there and it’s free.

Audio, Visual & Speakers in OneCyberLink’s TrueTheater technology takes the simplicity of power electronics and adds some sci-fi style visuals to them. It works on a surprisingly high level without getting too overbearing or impressive without the true HD video which gives you an idea of what to expect. It might not look amazing and once the video kicks in, it can be hard to unwind to just watching the program, but it’s a fun, easy way to fool the brain into thinking you’re watching something more impressive than it really is. Auditory elements include a Dolby Atmos surround sound and dynamic TrueTheater 3D, providing a soundtrack that surrounds you and brings an entirely new perspective. It also uses 10-band DTS:X sound so that immersion is absolute when watching content in Ultra HD 4K. One other benefit is that unlike other multi-channel surround sound programs, you won’t have to mess around with manually adjusting things to make everything sound great. It is automatically done for you.

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PowerDVD has a user friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and is packed with easy to use functions. CyberLinks PowerDVD has some issues with skipping when playing from some discs. This can be quite irritating, but fortunately there are several workarounds for this problem. Unfortunately, if you experience an issue with your hardware, then CyberLink PowerDVD is not your option.

Another thing that we think will be important to laptops customers is that the installer will include optimizations for playback of DVD-Video content, and so it will play more smoothly on them. CyberLink PowerDVD, like most other players, plays the video in the bitstream that is full of residue and junk that comes from the DVD disc’s compression. This is because the original players in CD/DVD-ROMs do not support progressive display codecs. This means that you can not simply play a DVD on CyberLink PowerDVD and expect a good viewing experience because of this. All of the associated encoders and decoders that are used will cause the frames to be displayed intermittently on CyberLink PowerDVD. You might notice that you see blank spaces on the screen after a few seconds of playback. This is because the DVD content needs to be re-encoded for playback on CyberLink PowerDVD. These players also need to decode and encode the DVD content before and after playback as well.

Most users are familiar with video editing software, especially DV/AVCHD or other compressed video standards that encodes a video for storage. If you think like you do, you’ll like PowerDVD, because everything else is just substandard.

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What's new in CyberLink PowerDVD

  • PowerDVD 21 now supports cross-device playback, so you can play Ultra HD Blu-ray discs on your PC, Android, and Mac without needing to purchase additional playback software.
  • New on-the-fly high-definition (HD) profiles for the Canon EOS DSLR cameras, Panasonic DC cameras, Nikon digital cameras and Leica digital cameras.
  • Facial recognition for the media library search.
  • The new search-by-sensor function, where you can select the type of sensor used for video capture.
  • InVid, which can help translate foreign language subtitles.
  • Advanced browsing for seamless multi-tasking on your smartphone, tablet, and other devices.
  • UX Improvements and Battery Usage Improvements
  • Add the ability to change the volume for your next video with the volume icon during playback or via the dialogue box in video.

CyberLink PowerDVD Features

  • Integrated a DVD player, a Blu-ray drive, a 4K-ready Blu-ray drive, and a Wi-Fi adapter in one box
  • Convert video and DVD files to 4K with PowerDVD Ultra 2017
  • Enjoy Hollywood’s biggest movies with 4K and premium content
  • Generate live pictures during video playback
  • Create customized menus and playlists
  • Take advantage of the new movie-creation tools
  • Use SmartMonitor to easily switch between video inputs
  • Enjoy stunning 4K HDR video playback
  • Share photos and videos to social media
  • Edit, crop, optimize, and trim video files and media
  • Take full advantage of the Blu-ray drive’s dual-layer feature
  • Go beyond the 40x playback speed
  • Enjoy 4K videos on YouTube


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