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The view distance can be adjusted to 110, 180, 220, 260, and 320 meters, as well as 300, 900, and 1,800 feet. KineMaster also offers the ability to change your video’s speed with only two decimal places, and the display of your project in the browser is adequate for the average viewer.

Several playback modes are available in KineMaster with different playbacks like Slow Play, Fast Play, and 3D with Audio Description. However, you can’t play back in slow motion or freeze the playback speed. The Media Manager is where you will play back or preview your videos. The interface is very simple and straightforward where you can tap the buttons at the bottom to advance to the next or previous scene in the timeline.

The playback speed, rewind, and scrolling feature are absolutely essential for the editor, along with the characteristic of saving the video to your device. KineMaster doesn’t have an automatic trim feature, and you can’t pause the playback while editing. However, you will get a clip boundary in the bottom right of the screen with a little plus button to indicate the location of the clip. You can also trim the video manually without clipping if you like. It’s also easy to share your files with export formats like the MP4 version that’s recommended to the Web, Zencoder, QuickTime, and AVCHD in the XAVC version format. It also supports HD video, but only supports the frame size of 1080p. There is no regular fit option to fix the shot selection.

KineMaster works well on most devices and also works well with PCs, so it’s ideal for professional use or casual users. You can get the trial version for free and it is quite easy to try out, however, it will have many limitations as you can only save files in their original formats and you’ll miss the characteristic of a professional video editor. KineMaster is a great software to try before committing to one of the best video editors in the world!

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KineMaster is a great video editing app that works on phones, tablets, or Chromebooks. It enables its users to edit their videos with ease with their creativity, using its powerful, functional and practical toolkits. It has earned a solid place on our list of 20 Best Video Editing Apps. However, some of us may still wonder, is KineMaster that good Weve thoroughly tested it and were confident to give you an unbiased answer, and the details onhow to use KineMaster will also be covered. Now please read on to learn more.

Our Privacy Policy may be updated. Any updates and changes in the Privacy Policy will be always posted on this page. If the changes to the Privacy Policy is material, we may also notify users through an announcement through KineMaster application/website or through individual announcements through email associated with the individual users account, etc. However, the Company is not obligated to do so and the user using the services provided by the Company should always read and understand the updated Privacy Policy before proceeding to use our services.

Having tried a number of different video editing apps, I can safely say that Kinemaster is one of the easiest and most intuitive. The learning curve is not steep at all and its easy to get results fast. As a social media marketing and content creator, Kinemaster is one of those apps that will help you make content faster and better.

Never thought of KineMaster on the list of the best video editing tools for iPhone and iPad. For the smooth video editing, KineMaster is a must have app. More and more we try to use the app to make some funny videos, and the result are great. KineMaster is the best video editing app for iPhone and iPad because we want to help users to create their own funny videos which are highly appreciated by friends.

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What is Kinemaster and what is it for

What is Kinemaster and what is it for

KineMaster is a simple, fast, and free desktop app that is ideal for creating and editing videos. It is one of the fastest free video editing software with the interface that is easy to grasp and simple to use. KineMaster allows you to export and import multiple videos, add and share your videos, add text to any area of the video, apply image frames to any area, and many more.

Kinemaster allows you to trim, edit, and add text and image frames to your video, and then share your video. This is the best-selling video editing software for beginners. With Kinemaster, you can create interesting videos using images and videos from your computer and smartphone.

KineMaster is a free video editor that allows you to add special frames, including text and logos. Its editing tools are as simple as it gets, with the editing tools taking a wide spectrum of use cases.

If you dont already know how to use a video editor, then KineMaster is a great option for you. The app consists of all the features you could ever want, making it one of the best and most user-friendly video editing software applications on the market.

Patched Kinemaster Version would be a essential tool for any self-motivated individual to create excellent videos. With such an intuitive interface, this app can be used by anyone, no matter how much of a novice they are. I loved working with the app, it is one of the best alternative apps that I have used in Android.

There are dozens of ways you can use KineMaster to create interactive and multimedia content like you never thought possible. And now, with KineMaster X, you can create professional presentations, demonstrations, narrations, videos and easily share them.

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Kinemaster System Requirements

Kinemaster System Requirements

  • System Requirements

  • KineMaster for Mac

  • KineMaster for Windows

Kinemaster Features

  • You can edit your videos offline before uploading, you can use your tablet as a video editor to edit your videos in the offline mode.
  • You can easily and quickly add annotations to your videos. It can be used to add subtitles, text, tags, comments, stickers, post-effects and other special effects to the videos.
  • The advanced editing interface of KineMaster is perfectly compatible with the editing operations of other editing apps. You can import editing content directly into the video editor.
  • You can switch between LAYOUT and EXTERNAL mode to edit or preview your videos.
  • When you import a video clip, you can preview it in different formats on the playlist screen, and it will be very convenient when editing.
  • You can add subtitle to your videos and adjust the subtitle brightness. It can also be used to adjust the subtitle brightness to choose different display styles.
  • In order to show the search results of selected video clips and to help you quickly find your clips, Kinemaster also provides Video Channels, and you can launch a video channel by clicking the Video Channels button.

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