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PhotoScape X is a freeware photo editor for Windows 10 and Mac OS 10 and higher. The installer exe file available for download from Microsoft Store and from the official developers website here. The app is free, but includes certain feature limits. All features are unlocked in the paid software named PhotoScape X PRO. PhotoScape X PRO features contain:

When I was still on Windows I also tried, then it was just Photoscape without the X I think, and indeed it was easy to work with, I still remember the circle with the different apps when the program started, it was ultimately one of my most favorite all round photo programs. It has been around for more than 10 years, I think that says something. Nicely written review.

PhotoScape X gives many ways to get rid of picture background. For example, you can use Magic eraser. Its one of the easiest ways to eliminate the back scene of your image. Open an image in PhotoScape X, go to Editor and select Tools on the right, then click the Eraser. Using the Magic Eraser brush you can completely remove the pic background and leave only the important object on your pic.
However, if you look for a more sophisticated technique, we will show you how to change picture background through cutting out the image in the manual below.

Hi John. Photoscape X is also a universal app. Once you open the PhotoScape X app, you can go to the Edit menu and then to Import or just double-click on a photo from your file system. You may also be able to Import from the Windows 10 Photos app.

Maybe I didn’t explain that clearly. In PhotoScape X PRO, you can either Import from your file system or use the Universal Windows Photo Viewer app to import images from a memory card or camera. I haven’t tried importing directly from a memory card, but I’m sure that some of the other features of the PhotoScape X Pro PRO might be helpful.

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I had been considering using the LivePhoto program for the Mac, but it cost $299! I have read a lot of good reviews about Photoscape X. I decided to give it a try, and it is most excellent! I’ve also used a lot of other software programs in the past, but this is by far the best! Not to mention, it is completely free!

I found that all PhotoScape versions were just a bit easier to use than other programs. And it offered many options for further customization. I prefer not to have dozens of menus and sub-menus, it just makes the program a lot more complicated. Everything on this program is right in front of you, so it isn’t really complicated. The only downside is that it has not had any updates for a long time and it could use some new features.

Thank you to all who responded and tried to help as it was good of you. I recently tried PhotoScape X and found it very easy to work with, simple to use and a great price considering the features. Overall I like the software and would recommend it to anyone. I think most people will be happy with it. I only got a couple of minor problems but resolved that after reading the instructions and installing updates. Then I went to use the software again and it was blank. I did some research and found that it is not compatible with the new Windows 10 update (beginning with the Creators Update) and uninstall it. I then reinstalled and worked fine after that. I have moved all my photos and am now using PhotoScape X Pro. I think the price is a fair one and it works really well. Thank you for your help.

I am using PhotoScape X Pro Full Version and it is a good online photo editor. But for me it seems to have issues when I try to change my light settings. I did try to find a way to change my light settings on the light tab but I can’t figure out how to change the settings. Does anyone know how to change the setting?

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Main benefits of PhotoScape X Pro

Main benefits of PhotoScape X Pro

The organizing panel supplies users with smart features, such as image cropping, picture rotating, picture reordering, and much more. The Photo Scape X Pro Activation Key has a status bar on the upper-right location of the monitor, so that you can detect the graphic of the latest info of the quality of your enhancing. The status bar supplies you with the information of the latest formats and the newest enhancing type that is inherent. You are able to see if your photos are being enhanced on the bottom toolbar. You are able to still manage all your PhotoScapes X Professional 2018 Crack on photos in any position from beneath the lower-right corner.

There is no mention of PhotoScape X Pro Serial Key, but there is some basic information. While PhotoScape x 6.6.9 Crack is based on the PowerSkin layout, which there are actually lots of picture editing attributes, you could get to know the click-keyboard commands. Photoscape X Pro Full Crack is a bold program that fills your photo with brightness, color, and a variety of effects. Check out the options that are available on the upper-right corner of your screen.

Photoscape X Pro Crack is the leading free image enhancing software. It will improve your photographs. Its image modifying tools include, turning, color effect, flipping, zoom, setting, resizing, straightening, color changing, plus more. Additionally, it provides you with the latest file format of JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, plus more. PhotoScape X Pro gives you the essential multimedia features you would expect, including slideshow creation, image capture, as well as music playback. PhotoScape X Pro Offline will increase your work while leaving plenty of room for your personal style. PhotoScape X Pro Mac Crack has a look-at style that is clean, and its interface is very easy to figure out.

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PhotoScape X Pro System Requirements

  • Windows XP or above
  • 1 GHz Processor
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 512 MB of disk space

PhotoScape X Pro Features

PhotoScape X Pro Features

  • Interactive Layout Editor “Like Photoshop,” but less complex.
  • Colorize – Adds color to a photo
  • Cross-Process – Automatically cross-process photos (makes the colors more true to reality)
  • Style – Applies a “style” to your photo like colors, contrast and brightness
  • Panoramic – Takes a panoramic image and stretches it into a wide format
  • Film Modes – Adjust film grain and contrast
  • Photo Effects – Over 100 effects to play with
  • Photo-to-PSD – Convert your images to a PSD layout that you can easily edit
  • Easy Thumbnails – Add thumbnails to image files
  • PhotoAlbum – Create a single page, multi-page album, or multipage album
  • Accessibility – Uses an easy to use yet powerful layout that resembles photo albums that can be imported to albums programs.
  • Excel Scripts – Generates reports and other tasks on the fly for spreadsheet software

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