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Hi, Using Xara Designer Pro Plus 7.0.0, I am using the web editor and I am wondering why the web designer does not allow me to enter a ‘Set Time’ – I guess that means I have to count down? The period after I press enter is the count up. So, it goes from 20:50 to 1:00. Why is that? Is that not reasonable, ie, the time actually set? I know I can do it, if I have have a shortcut menu to enable (like OSX.) However, it would be so much easier to enter and have the time automatically selected. As it is, it forces me to count down. Is that the usual software standard? Thanks, Rick

Thank you – your post is very helpful and pointed out several topics that I overlooked while trying to learn how to use Xara Designer Pro. The file size of your HTML file is listed as 23,950KB for your input page. Unfortunately, the manual is so outdated and redundant that it does not mention that after adding inline scripting, the file size increases to 109,036KB. By the way, your post shows an extreme example. I wish that there were more informative training materials available. I would love to see more text, short videos, and better software documentation. Thanks again! Dale

If your business creates 3D web design, 3D animation, 3D visual effects, or 3D textures, Xara Designer Pro Plus X’s powerful features are designed to revolutionize how you engage with your audiences & clients. Xara DPX 6 has also been updated with new features in terms of Productivity, Security, Performance and even more new templates and upgraded Preset Import.

Buttons are connected, objects are connected. Objects are connected, forms are connected. Buttons, Forms, and Objects are connected. Xara is different and so is Illustrator and Photoshop. Xara is not as good as any of those programs. Even though the Xara Studio will do things Ive never imagined it can do, it will do those things in an odd way and is slow. I am trying to find the Xara interface, but it seems much more difficult than Illustrator or Photoshop for me to use. The tutorials are for people with more training and who, of course, already know how to use these programs. If you can handle those programs and want to learn the Xara way, you can try buying the tutorials but the best way to learn is in the field. If you get stuck, look up tutorials on YouTube. What is Xara Designer Pro Plus X Registration Key good for?

It is my guess that no matter what version you have bought, every edition gives you twenty or more templates for use on your web sites. They are all very good. If you have an emerging business you can redesign your template quickly as you need. However, the problem is, you cant see what your template will look like before you implement it on your site and publish it. This is at the heart of the problem with Xara. You work hard to design your templates. You pay a lot of money for the program – and now you cant even see what your templates will look like on your web site before you publish them. For that matter, you cant see if what you are working on will look the way you expect. This is not good enough for a professional. Even with Illustrator the web site is published when you are finished and you can at least see what it will look like before you publish it. In the meantime, you can always publish your template for work in progress. Designing in the program is not intuitive. Theres something you have to select in your template. I cant remember what it is; however, the place where you select that in your template is not the best place to select it. The program is so odd in many ways that its interface is confusing. The program has various ways of formatting your designs, but its just not intuitive. It slows you down. I suppose Xaras interface is more graphical than the others. However, that doesnt make the interface any easier for you to work with. You still have to learn a new way of designing templates.

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And then you can find the Adobe Creative Suite 6 alongside Xara Designer, with everything you need to create full-featured artwork. To be honest, if youre looking to create a nice hand-painted artwork, this is probably not the best software to be going for, as the vector tools (except the pattern library) dont have as many options as in Xara Designer. If you like the quality of the output of the Adobe Creative Suite 6, you can also make use of the website layouts feature and create ready-to-use graphics for your websites.

The last but not least Xara Xtreme is a free and limited-function Xara Xtreme version. In Xara Xtreme, you will get all the basic features of Xara Designer and the user-friendliness of Xara Tools. The only disadvantages of Xara Xtreme is it doesnt contain the whole feature sets of the other two Xara Products.

Another option available for Windows (Mac also exists) is Xara GT an online alternative. Although there is no need to download any software, it does not offer the same tools that the desktop products contain, or even similar features. If you are interested in making sure you can create vector graphics with the Xara Tools, without having to run software on your hard drive, then the online version is definitely worth a look.

If theres one thing that you should know about Xara it is that you will get the best of the best. So if youre looking to create vector graphics, you will be greatly challenged by the other programs on the market. If youre not used to this you may get stressed, as well as having the frustration of not being able to get what you need done. However, if you want some serious vector graphics, and arent afraid of a bit of work, then Xara will definitely deliver.

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Xara Designer Pro Plus X Description

Xara Designer Pro Plus X Description

My work flow is generally to work on a photo, and bring it into Xara as a new layer (which is not what the people I did the trial of Xara asked me to do). I have to do all the basic layer editing in photoshop and to then work in Xara. A lot of the things in Xara are keyboard shortcuts, and I need to get used to remembering those. I also noticed that the layer palette looks exactly the same as the layers in photoshop. I need to get used to the subtleties of moving around the palette and selecting where an effect should be applied. Some of the features I really like are the easier to understand brush stroke drawing, and more effective built in mirroring and the ability to cut and paste shapes and objects. However, the lack of transparency and the color picker make me a little confused and disoriented. Despite these minor inconveniences, Xara and its features are definitely worth the purchase, especially for the price.

And despite all the large and small inconveniences, Xara is a very interesting and feature rich photo editing software package. With the exception of the price, most of the shortcomings it presents are among the features it has. The painting style brushes are very much intuitive and would be easy to use on other software packages as well. The ability to freely resize, crop, create textured backgrounds as well as allow interactive layers is very similar to other photo editing programs. There is also a wide array of filters that are very easy to use, a very nice collection of templates to choose from and very well thought out design options to help you make the best usage of your photo.

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Xara Designer Pro Plus X System Requirements

  • Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/2003 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • 1GHz or faster processor or better
  • 128MB RAM (32-bit version)
  • 10MB free hard disk space (32-bit version)

Xara Designer Pro Plus X Features

Xara Designer Pro Plus X Features

  • Easy to drag and drop text, images, text, shapes and text layers
  • Export to PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Corel Draw, TIFF and many other formats
  • Paste an unlimited number of layers
  • Supports most graphic and page design software
  • Compatible with all the latest web browsers
  • Import and edit images directly from your digital camera or scanner (requires Xara Xtreme)
  • Download as many layers and animations as you need
  • Works with most page layout programs

Xara Designer Pro Plus X Serial Code

  • 33SKI-XLJD7-Z3IG1-T8KUN-S1WEQ-9W713

Xara Designer Pro Plus X Registration Code

  • B39P698AO5GYCKW2585SA08IE91A8X
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